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Event Date
The Venue, Northallerton Friday 21st October @20:30
Fright Fest, Knaresborough Saturday 29th October @16:00

Strangers in Paradise

06 . Jan

Henshaws, Knaresborough - Friday 26th February

Our first gig of 2016 will be on Friday 26th February at Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre. This will will be our 1st gig with our latest addition, Adam, on lead vocals.

Be kind to him!

Strangers in Paradise

19 . Nov

Our New Lineup

We would like to welcome Adam Tait into the SIP family. Adam joins on lead vocals and guitar. We have been a fan of each Adam's music for a while, as he has been of ours, making him the perfect addition.

We are back, rehearsing hard, and will be back playing live very soon!

The New Strangers in Paradise Lineup

Strangers in Paradise

11 . Oct

Studio Diary

We are back in the studio recording our first full length album. If you want a sneak peak, take a look at part 1 and part 2 of our studio diary.

Strangers in Paradise

15 . Sep


Our interview with CALMzine is out now!

Check it out here.

Strangers in Paradise

07 . Jul

Wetherby Food Festival - Friday 10th July 2015

Stage time this Friday is 7pm at the Wetherby Food Festival featuring Tre and one more surprise guest.

Wetherby Food Festival

Strangers in Paradise

02 . Jul

Staxtonbury Festival Interview

Just been interviewed for Yorksure Coast Gigs. A lovely bunch of people.

Check out the full interview on Yorkshire Coast Gigs.

Staxtonbury Festival Interview

Strangers in Paradise

02 . Jul

Staxtonbury Festival - Sunday 5th July 2015

We are going to be on the main stage at Staxtonbury. Playing at 12:45, featuring Tre and Souldeep.

See you guys there!

Staxtonbury Festival

Strangers in Paradise

20 . Jun

Light Water Valley Country Festival - Sunday 28th June 2015

This is our next festival. There are some really talented individuals and bands playing; looking forward to this one. Make sure you're there - Sunday 28th June.

Lightwater Valley Country Festival

Strangers in Paradise

5 . Jun

Bedfest - Saturday 13th June 2015

Our next gig is Saturday 13th June @ Bedfest, Knaresborough. We're on the café stage at 8:30 feat. Tre and Souldeep.

We're on before our buds Hell Fire Jack!

Strangers in Paradise

31 . May

Unsigned Music Awards

Please vote for us for the unsigned music awards @The_UMAs. Get to, and vote Strangers in Paradise!

Strangers in Paradise

6 . May

The Green Room - Thursday 7th May 2015

We're playing in Sheffield tomorrow night, 9pm @ The Green Room. Feat. Tre.

Strangers in Paradise

15 . Mar

Hear This (Jam) - nth Possibility Sessions

The final part from the nth Possibility Sessions. "Hear This" feat. Tre and SoulDeep. It's "should we just jam another track?" time!

Strangers in Paradise

26 . Feb

Staxtonbury Festival - Sunday 5th July 2015

SIP are confirmed for main stage at the Staxtonbury Festival Sunday 5th July. Time TBC.

Go to for tickets.

Strangers in Paradise

13 . Feb

Downtime - nth Possibility Sessions

Our 2nd live video from the "nth Possibility Sessions", "Downtime" feat. Tre and SoulDeep is now available on YouTube.

Check it out and share the love.

Strangers in Paradise

12 . Feb

Blues Bar - 29th March 2015

SIP are back the Blues Bar, Harrogate for our 1st gig of 2015; Sunday 29th March featuring @trelad1 and @SoulDeepMM. More gigs coming soon @HarrogateGigs!

We will be on stage from 9:30pm. Entry is free.

For more information visit

Strangers in Paradise

6 . Feb

Twitter Mouth - nth Possibility Sessions

We are proud to announce our 1st video "Twitter Mouth" from the "nth Possibility Sessions" is now on YouTube.

Check it out and share SIP!

Strangers in Paradise

9 . Dec

Royal Albert Hall

Strangers in Paradise at the royal Albert Hall.

Royal Albert Hall

Strangers in Paradise

12 . May

Weight of Possibility

Our 3rd EP "Weight of Possibility" is out TODAY on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and Xbox Music.

We have CDs too at £5 each

Strangers in Paradise